Plus Size Beautifully Endowed Wedding Dresses


If you are fully figured there is no need to worry if you will find the perfect wedding gown for your beautiful wedding day as we are going to guide you through the process of selecting a wonderful wedding gown.

Tips of Selecting the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Gown

Even though you may be curvy, there is no reason that she cannot be as beautiful as any other bride at her wedding.

If you use the tips below, you will be able to choose a plus size wedding dress that is just right for you, and that accentuates your body in all the right ways.

1. Know Your Body ShapePlus size beautifully endowed wedding dresses1 Plus Size Beautifully Endowed Wedding Dresses

The basic rules of shopping for clothes apply to all body sizes when buying a wedding dress. The first and most important thing is to know your body shape and the common body types are pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, hourglass, and apple.

Just to explain the different body types:-

Pear Shape – Here you find that your upper body is narrower than your lower body that is the hips.
Inverted triangle – This is where your upper body is wider than your hips (lower body)
Rectangle shape – In this body shape your upper body and hips are of the same width or proportion.
Hour glass shape – This figure is where the upper body (torso) and the lower body (hips) are of equal proportion.
Apple body shape – The upper body is normally wider.

Once you have known your body type learn how to dress it and what styles compliment you and avoid those that do not bring out your best body features.

Find a wedding dress that will be best for your figure, A line shape long gown will soften your curves from bust to hips but do avoid tea length wedding dresses as they will tend to make you look shorter and ankle heavy and ball gown skirts and these do not flatter a full figure.
wedding gown

Ball Gown Scoop Chapel Train Satin Plus Size Wedding Dress

A flowing skirt is also advisable as it hides full hips and the tummy. If you do not want a wedding gown with sleeves and you don’t like the look of your arms then you can drape your shoulders with an elegant wrap.

Know where to Shop

Start to shop early in advance and do your research well on the shops and outlets that specialize in plus size wedding gowns.

Also you may look out at the larger retail chains as they are more likely to have wedding dresses that you can try on.

Check also at departmental stores and at designers who specialize in plus size wedding dresses. Finally check out online stores and websites for more ideas like LightInTheBox

Wedding Gown Color/Shade

There are definite colors that do not look good on curvy women, and others that will not go with your skin tone and do you justice.

Determine your skin tone and the colors that work best for you, and go with one of those to improve your beauty and draw attention to the right areas. Even if you opt for a white dress, it can be trimmed in a flattering color to add elegance.
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A-line Sweetheart Court Train Embroidery Organza Plus Size Wedding Dress

Avoid Fancy Details

It is best when seeking out a plus size wedding gown, to avoid large bows, beading, and embroidery. Having these on your gown will add extra bulk to your figure and make you appear larger than you really are.

You will also need to avoid the urge to pile on the wedding accessories. Select an uncomplicated yet beautiful design for your dress, and offset it with a few well chosen accessories.

Tailor it

Look your best on your wedding day, no matter what size you are by getting your wedding dress altered to fit you personally.

Perfect fitting at times can only be achieved by subtle altering of just a few things making all the worlds difference in how the wedding dress fits you.