New White Breathable Wedding Bridal Dress


3.5 mil with zipper. 24×72 with 10 inch side gusset. Breathable cloth. This bag can accomodate any style bridal gown and/or train. Each bag features a clear vinal pouch and reinforced hanger opening.

This Bag is desired by seamstress’ who work with wedding gowns and the delicacy of them. This bag is excellent and will keep your gown Beautiful icon smile New White Breathable Wedding Bridal Dress :):)
This product was just what was promised, I keep my wedding dress in it and it’s perfect.

Exactly what I wanted to protect and store my expensive mother-of-the bride gown. This bag is NOT meant for travel but is terrific for long-term storage to keep a garment in tip-top condition. As advertised, it is a spacious, breathable, non-plastic bag.

New white breathable wedding bridal dress1 New White Breathable Wedding Bridal Dress