New Cocktail Drawstring Petticoat Crinoline Wedding Gown Slip

  • Drawstring Waistband
  • Medium Fullness
  • Fits 0′ – 20′ Waist
  • 2 Layer Nylon Taffeta Skirt
  • 25″ Long Perfect for Cocktail Length Dresses

This smooth white Medium Fullness petticoat is the perfect slip for all cocktail length dresses. Petticoat has a Drawstring waist closure that can be adjusted from size 4 to 20. Slip is Two Layer Nylon Taffeta Skirt with adjustable length.

Overall, I am happy with this item. It was exactly what I hoped for and served it’s purpose.
It wasn’t fantastically well made, especially considering the price. Many of the seams are very loose, leaving gaps between the fabric, and look like they will not survive much longer. That is the main reason this only got 3 stars. I liked and disliked the drawstring. I used a safety pin in it because I wondered about it staying tied, but I like the idea of the drawstring, because I do think the slip would have been too heavy to stay in place with just elastic.

New cocktail drawstring petticoat crinoline wedding gown slip1 New Cocktail Drawstring Petticoat Crinoline Wedding Gown Slip