GEORGE BRIDE Strapless Taffeta Pick-up Ball Wedding Dress Review

I Always dreamed with the perfect dress, which I though I will never fine, until I visit Amazon and discovered this beautiful dress from Jorge Bride, This dress is amazing, fits perfect and makes me look like a queen, I can set on my laptop all day and write beautiful things about this amazing dress, I will recommend anyone to buy this dress, you will not regret this buy….perfect dress of your dreams.
This dress fits like an absolute glove. Once I have my wedding next month I plan on posting pictures of it. The customer service for this company is wonderful……..I’m 6 ft tall and I I asked the company if htey could make my dress slightly longer than the average dress. Not only did they accomadate me and respond quickly, but did it FREE OF CHARGE!!! They also custom sized it to my measurements………in other words, even if you choose a size, if your measurements are slightly different, they will modify it to your request, also free of charge. I couldn’t be happier, and you absolutely cannot beat the price. I looked at similar dresses that were well over $1,000 and this dress is just as beautifully made at only a fraction of the cost. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this company and would happily buy other products from them in the future.

GEORGE BRIDE ,focus on Wedding Dresses and Evening Dresses for 10 years. About George Bride Welcome to George Bride, your wedding dress &evening dress consultant! George Bride is an international brand, built upon our three factories in Asia and warehouses in many countries. The George Bride brand enjoys a global customer base, substantiating George Bride ‘s world-wide popularity. George Bride team strives to offer you quality dresses at reasonable prices, in addition to exemplary customer service.

George bride strapless taffeta pick up ball wedding dress review11 GEORGE BRIDE Strapless Taffeta Pick up Ball Wedding Dress Review