Brand New White Breathable Wedding Gown Dress

  • 24″ wide x 72″ long x 10″ side gusset
  • Breathable, soft, clothlike durable material
  • Reinforced hanger opening, heavy duty center zipper
  • Hanging clear window pouch

BAGS FOR LESSTM Bag will accommodate any style gown and/or with long train. Also good for BRIDESMAID GOWNS and pageant gowns , as well as the long term storage of leathers, dresses, suits, and furs. This breathable garment bag will prevent yellowing, preserve freshness and prolong fabric life.

I ordered this to fit my wedding gown as the bag I was provided from the shop was not very nice. The zipper is great and the clear plastic pocket makes it nice if you need to label different garments. The expansion makes it perfect for dresses with a full skirt and the length is great for any floor length gown. I even had room to tuck my shoes in the bottom so that all necessary items were stored together. The breathable material is thick and durable yet great for preventing discoloration. I would recommend this to anyone especially with a wedding dress and will probably purchase more in the future if I find myself in need.
This bag was perfect at my daughter’s recent wedding. Not for HER – Priscilla of Boston provided a very similar bag for her full-skirted designer gown. I needed something to carry MY Mother-of-the-Bride outfits. Yes, that’s with a “S”! I was able to put THREE gowns in this bag. The little accessory pouch attached on the front was just the thing for my jewelry and hankie. Down in the bottom went my nylons, bra, and Spanx. Now my gowns are stored in the bag. Made of a breathable material, it is perfect for this Arizona heat. I’m ordering more to store my other formal and semi-formal outfits and the heavy coats required when I’m forced to travel north in the winter.
Brand new white breathable wedding gown dress1 Brand New White Breathable Wedding Gown Dress